Sunday, June 14, 2009

No mention of Flushing connection in Michigan Open story Sunday

Finally got around to looking at my Sunday Flint Journal. I went to the sports section to see if J.R. "Jeff" Roth ever got his proper mention for his second place finish in the Michigan Open.

The brief coverage of the Michigan Open talked about winner Ryan Brehm, of Mt. Pleasant, of course, and mentioned the two golfers who tied for second. Mentioned first was Matthew Thompson, of Battle Creek and then two-time defending Michigan Open Champion Jeff Roth.

What apparently wasn't worth mentioning even now was the Roth is from Flushing, a key area in the Flint Journal's coverage. That makes it a clean sweep for the Journal's coverage of the Open, not one story pointed out the local angle of Roth's Flushing connection.

Incredible. If there was any doubt that the copy desk is tilted to the north end of the three newspapers' areas, there was no better illustration than this. "More than just the Score and we mean it!" That's a laugh.


Anonymous said...

There's a copy desk for the newspaper for the BoothMidMichigan / Great Lakes Bay Region or whatever moniker they've decided to use today.

I especially like the pages where the same reporter has two different affiliations listed for him.

Grumpy in Flint said...

Wow. Someone is reading you in the mythical Booth Mid Michigan - Great Lakes Bay Region area. In the June 18 edition the staff reporters all have addresses.

Now, if we could get someone to look at the Voices pages. Or do you think asking people to send Call Out ideas to is a deliberate way to limit the number of submissions?

I guess those so-called experts who suggest keeping web addresses short were on vacation when the dream team named this new region.

Oh, let me keep ranting. Back to Voices ... Where is Genesis Hospital?

Of course, I could ask where is just about everything in Let's Go (anywhere but the Flint area). I'd call the anonymous editor of that section (or Social, Posh or Diversions) but my free long distance calls start after 5p.m.

Perhaps the Flint Convention and Visitors Bureau can do a tour for the editors so they know what's happening here.

Or perhaps a "lucky to still have a job" Flint Journal person could share the electronic stylebook with the "no need to bulldoze, we will kill Flint by ignoring it" editors.