Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blogging to slow temporarily

For the next couple weeks I will be traveling and sometimes out of range of an Internet connection. So posting will be infrequent, but I have a couple things prearranged to appear.


Pam said...

Have a wonderful trip...we'll miss your blog. I'm heartbroken I couldn't join you this year.

Safe travels and love to the family.

Anonymous said...

Jim, I hear the Journal is bringing back the Sunday Today section. Of course they laid off EVERY SINGLE PERSON in that department. It was an award winning section and now they figure out that the crap they put out for feature sections, POSH and whatever they call the entertainment thing, isn't living up to what they had. What they got rid of. I hope people let them know that just bringing back the name of a section doesn't make it worthwhile. Enjoy your vacation.