Sunday, January 31, 2010

California, Here we are!

Flight connections went well and no one blew up their underwear so we are safely in California.
Had my annual battle with the rental car company over the kind of car they were going to have me drive.
After several false starts with their foreign selections I prevailed and am driving a Ford Fusion (I originally posted Focus only because I needed to focus) for the time we are here.
"Sir, I'm not giving you one of THOSE Toyotas," the man said.
"Oh, it's not about the Toyota problem," I said. "It's about only driving American brand cars."
Then when he saw my Michigan driver's license, it made sense to him. The Focus is a really nice car, so far.


Thebe said...

Welcome to California! I think it's cool you refuse to rent foreign cars.

Mark said...

Two quick thoughts:

1. *Great* first sentence. I laughed out loud, read it to Bonnie, and *she* laughed out loud.

2. I drive a Ford Focus at work, and a Ford Taurus when I'm not at work. I enjoy both and as long as you change the oil religiously and rotate the tires, they are fine vehicles, indeed. Even if Government Motors didn't do the manufacturing.

Anonymous said...

It is just awesome to have you here Sir. Taylor loves the fact that you came to see us again. We do feel bad about the weather here (rain and all). Maybe next time.

Pam said...

You rock brother! Jeff and I appreciate your loyalty to American cars. He makes the same requirement with rental cars. WILL NOT accept anything but American. He's even now got a 'no foreign cars in my driveway' rule. :) (which of course is loosely enforced)

Glad no explosive panties on the plane. What a wierd world it's become. Can you imagine Mom flying these days? Oh Lord that would be an adventure.

Wonder how close we are to strip search/body cavity checks? All I can say is TFA better hire some really HOT agents for that process. (or maybe not, that could hold up the line.)

Think I'll start creating easy on/easy off airport clothing.

Anonymous said...

It was just awesome to have you visit us in Cali. I've got to tell you, it was wiered to have both my step-parents in the same room. I love them both.

Anonymous said...

It was great to have you here. The dog loved having you here. come back soon Sir.