Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A little CBS report to get your blood warm on a cool morning

Remember the Copenhagen Climate Summit? You know, the one that accomplished nothing. Well, the bill came due recently and CBS News did a great job of breaking down the costs of the travel and lodging of the dozens of Democrats, Republicans, State Department, White House and other bureaucrats, many who brought spouses, who attended.

It's good to know that while many folks in this country are suffering and having trouble putting food on the table, that there is plenty of pork to eat in Washington.


Anonymous said...

Jim, I would be willing to fly Nancy and her entourage anywhere she wants to go.

One way.

In a C-130.

Adman said...

Its nice to know the our reps are living the good life on our dime...idiots. This kind of stuff gets my blood boiling.