Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Too true to be funny

Overheard in the Newsroom had this gem:

#2830: Managing Editor, admiring a rival newspaper: “Any chance we can hire their guy to do our layouts?” Art Director: “You laid him off last year.”


Anonymous said...

Hey, Jim, I witnessed a similar incident in my brief stint with the ill-fated Detroit Daily Press, where we apparently had NO ONE to do layout.

One night a woman whose name I never learned was working on a Mac, trying to put together a feature page with the photo editor R.C. at her side. R.C. was trying to guide and direct her as she struggled to move the various elements around.

R.C. had an idea of how the page should be laid out, but it was clear she was really struggling.
Finally getting a bit impatient, R.C. made a joking comment to express frustration at how slow it was going. At that, she dropped the mouse, turned to him and said:

"I'm a copy editor, dammit."

Pam said...

And we wonder why this country is in trouble........

Pam said...

Oh and Kudos that to that guy for making them regret their decision to lay him off!