Monday, December 21, 2009

Government Motors: When the bureaucrats take over marketing

Oh yeah, this proves that the government taking over GM was a really bad idea. Here's the new dance for the eco-friendly Chevrolet Volt. Makes you want to laugh, not buy.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jim,

This isn't about GM, but thought I'd suggest you make your monthly pilgrimage to Ann They've added a new spot for top stories. While I think this is a useful change for readers, I find this interesting because the site is now looking less like its original blog design — which was an experiment in trying to be more simple — and more like other media Web sites.

I'd be curious for your take.

BTW, happy holidays and belated congrats on two years of blogging.

- A loyal reader

Anonymous said...

Great, now can A2dotcom do something about the content. Embarrassingly bad.

inky said...

Don't blame that debacle on the government -- the atrocity was hatched by an overpromoted/underqualified marketing hack who's been at GM for many years.