Tuesday, December 22, 2009

AnnArbor.com: The yawn continues

"A loyal reader" asked me to make my monthly visit to AnnArbor.com and give some thoughts on a minor redesign there.

So I stopped by today, top story is about the pay raises and freezes involving the U-M administration.

I guess I think the "Top Stories" lead box looks a little better than what was there, but the site continues to be as exciting as watching cement dry.

Wonder if they will let everyone know how the subscriptions to the new paper are going?

Basically the site remains a big yawn, at least for me.


The Costanzo said...

It just seems like a glorified blog most times. The worst part is that they have some extremely talented people working there, but when you're design is barely better than the Derelict (OK, their design is better than ours, but barely. Plus, no flaming bag picture), it's not going draw people in every day.

Also, the fact that you can basically only see one story when you log on is a little strange.

Anonymous said...

They alientated the community and they will never recover. Completely irrelevant. Might as well fold now.

Anonymous said...

Go to the Contact Us page and click on a lot of their contributors, you will find they have not been contributing very much lately--looks like the Contact Us page needs a lot of updating!