Saturday, December 26, 2009

Airplane terror attack, a frustrating lack of security

Going to the airport for Joan and I is always an adventure. Joan has a titanium knee and I have a common name that has me listed on the "terror watch list."

Because of my status we are unable to use the electronic check-in and because of Joan's knee there is always an extensive search at the TSA screening area.

We always plan on an extra hour to get us both through security.

Yet, despite all that a guy with an explosive device strapped to his body somehow gets through foreign security and tries to detonate the explosive on a plane near Detroit. And according to early reports is on the "terror watch list" just like me.

You have to wonder if this may have been an early attempt to try to thwart security measures that were inadvertently published on the Internet just a few weeks ago. That TSA security publication provided a complete road map to our country's security measures.

We are not being well served by the agencies that are paid billions to keep us safe. While our local Congress representatives score Homeland Security funds to buy fire trucks for rural fire departments far from the fight against terrorism, we have security lapses that leave you scratching your head.

Those agencies are going to have to ramp up their security when KSM is brought from Gitmo to stand trial and another 100 terrorists are brought to an Illinois prison.

How confident am I in our current security measures to protect us? Not very much.

Here's what I said on Facebook today:

"I hope the investigators in the Detroit airplane terror incident are careful not to hurt or deprive this Nigerian citizen of his hard earned American civil rights in an effort to find out if further attacks are planned over this busy holiday travel period. Wouldn't want to offend the young man or deprive him of his lawyer and right to remain silent. Glad he is getting the best free health care available."


Anonymous said...

free post idea. check out the bay city times page. They are posting story after story, from the wire, with the byline 'Bay City Times staff.' These are old, some months old, wire stories pretending to be local news. Horrible. Losing readers by minute, I'd guess.

Anonymous said...

James: google "el al airlines". It's an Israeli that does airport security in ways that would be considered very politically incorrect. But they don't have problems with hijackings or passengers with explosives.