Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chevy Portrait II


Pam said...

We have this poster on our wall!

Next to it is a picture of your Dad's (red and white) 55 Vette.

Jim of L-Town said...

Actually, and I know you have heard this story, Dad's 1955 Corvette was the very first V8 model in California and was used in an auto magazine spread.

I rode in that car with Dad and we once got stopped on Los Feliz Boulevard by an LA cop who made Dad take off the wire headlight protectors, telling Dad they were illegal.

That car was awesome and it had a hardtop convertible. I felt like Parnelli Jones riding in that car.

Great memories.

Pam said...

He donated his magazine article to Jeff's Corvette shrine. He has his own section. :)

It was a beautiful car. Remember the picture of him in it at a mall in LA? That's on the wall in the shrine.

They are really fun. I think Jeff would like to have one of the older ones too.