Monday, July 20, 2009 A preview look

Today was supposed to the launch of the all-new But as was reported last week, didn't happen, but they did put up a preview of the page.

As one commenter already said, the statement that "this will be something that you have never seen before" is a lot of hyperbole, unless they are holding back on something we can't see here.

It has the look and feel of "Facebook" at least at first glance, but we'll withhold judgement until Friday.


Inky said...

This looks soooo revolutionary that it will dwarf today's 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.


And the roster of upcoming stories doesn't exactly break ground. Hotels in danger of foreclosure? No surprise, given the economy. Poor kids don't enjoy the same graduation rates as rich kids? Really? The next thing they'll reveal is that poor kids ... uh ... spend less money at Abercrombie than rich kids.

I expected more from the hats-on-backwards reporters.

Jim of L-Town said...

When they were talking "different" I really expected to see a completely different model. This has a spooky similarity to

Now it may not actually be that, but that's what it looks like at first glance.

When I was thinking revolutionary and new, I was imagining a layout that might have the name in the middle with the news copy coming out of that like spokes of a wheel.

Or stories orbiting the "Acorn" like planets around the sun. Something that would be really new and something set apart from the aggregator format of so, so many websites.

I hate to say it, but the new page at first glance looks like a blogger format.

Hopefully, I'm wrong, but it does not look promising. Lots of empty space along the gutters and between articles as well.

But Friday is still four days away.

Anonymous said... just found this via twitter

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should withhold judgment for more than a day or two...I would give it at least a week.

Jim of L-Town said...

Anonymous 12:42: It appears to be password protected.

Anonymous said...

unfortunately when i sent you the link it was open to the public. it was the fully interactive version of that will launch on friday. by the time you got around to moderating the comment and posted it, they'd found out that the link has been shared on twitter and password protected it. oh well. i checked out the entire site and a handful of the contributors first columns and was pretty underwhelmed.