Thursday, July 23, 2009 is up and running

See it here.

I haven't taken the "tutorial" on how to use the site, but the outward appearance is underwhelming when I was told it would be "something like I had never seen before."

I'm going to reserve judgment until it has been up for a week or so. Feel free to offer your own opinions until then.


Anonymous said...

Give them a few days to see if they can work out the kinks--yes there are broken links and other issues, but hopefully it will improve over time.

Anonymous said...

they delayed this for week?

looks like a copy of Digg or StumbleUpon.

pretty disappointing.

and using a web site shouldn't require a tutorial. it should be intuitive.

Dash Riprock said...

If this web site makes it to its one year anniversary, I will be shocked. It is certainly underwhelming and difficult to navigate as well as being visually sterile. I don't see how they'll be able to draw younger people in to read it as they expect much more graphically. By the way, how is that new Detroit daily home delivered paper going?? :-O

former newsie said...

Makes mlive look exciting.

THIS is said...

I guarantee you Web designers and techie people are easily underimpressed by the new site. I guarantee it because it's based on an informal poll of such people where I pose the simple question: What do you think of the Web site. They've all noted the clean, simple interface, but they also add that it is very boring, no personality, nothing that says 'this is Ann Arbor.'

They also think it's a bad sign that felt the need to create a tutorial on how to use the site, because it should be immediately easy to use. Senior citizens should know what to click on because it's right there for them.

Frankly, my first impression is the same as these techies' and what former newsie says above.