Friday, June 5, 2009

Some Flint Journal notes

Came home from the gym this morning (I ride a bike for 40 minutes and do some light weight work) and there was my Flint Journal in the box. Again, a decent design effort, but it is really light on breaking news. Nothing from the overnight cop or fire beat and nothing from the day before either.

Some good local court coverage, but my wife was complaining last night (she's the Journal dead tree reader in the house) about the lack of any "new" news. The deadlines must be horrendously early not to allow for some overnight (or at least late night sports and cops news).

No Red Wings game news either, which in this case was a welcome thing. (They lost 4-2).

In another unrelated item, a former Flint Journal advertising employee will now work for the new chain of weekly newspapers in the Thumb and Genesee County. I believe Tom, a nice person, may have taken the same buyout that I did, but I could be wrong about that.

His connections in Genesee County will not bode well for the "new" Flint Journal and its competition with the View newspapers in Genesee County.

I wrote about the View purchase of The County Press in Lapeer and other Thumb newspapers on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

They're printing papers on the cheap Thursday and Friday, only using one line at the PDC instead of two which means they have to start way earlier to get everyone out in time to be done by 6am.

Anonymous said...

yup i was astonished to see you thought the same thing as my husband almost verbatim, about the non coverage.