Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Apocalypse hits MLive site, unknown origin

Some of us thought that maybe MLive was running a test of a new site when it posted a strange message a little before noon today.

When you logged onto MLive there was a message "Apocalypse begins. Four Horsemen spotted in Otsego."

Don't know what happened after that, but obviously the gurus of the site got it fixed. If anyone knows what happened (the site doesn't acknowledge the message) drop a note here (anonymous, if you want).


Justin Rogers said...

Yep, that was my fault. I was doing some work for the Stanley Cup finals element, and a "dummy teaser" was accidentally commented on within the index file before my publish.

These kinds of things are typically not a big deal, and would go unnoticed, but with silly place-holding text about the apocalypse it obviously drew some extra attention.

Jim of L-Town said...

The Red Wings stuff is good. Hopefully it will be put up at the top of the Flint Journal site as well as the site.

Justin Rogers said...

Thank you for the compliment.

The Red Wings coverage will not be leaving the home page for the duration of the series unless something else huge happens (i.e. the apocalypse).

As for the Flint page, it should be returning in a few hours and will be out there for at least a good portion of Friday.