Sunday, May 31, 2009

Newspaper slogans draw attention

The "More than just scores and we mean it!" slogan in the new Flint Journal has garnered a few pointed comments on my post about the new FJ design. Points I agree with, by the way.

The famous New York Times slogan "All the news that's fit to print" was often modified to "All the news that fits we print." But there were some bad slogans for real.

But it got me thinking about the old (don't know if it is still in place) Oakland Press motto that was at one time plastered on the building in downtown Pontiac.

"Delivered to a door step near you."

Of course, the jokes were that you would have to walk over and take it from a doorstep "near you" and brought a lot of pointed jabs at such a stupid slogan.

So if you have any more silly newspaper slogans, put them right here. Here's a funny site to get you started.


Anonymous said...

"We fired most of our sports reporters and this page is full of stuff from part-timers and not as good as before ... and we mean it!"

Anonymous said...

Are you getting it once a day and twice on weekends?

I believe that was an actual newspaper slogan, Jim.

Anonymous said...

We don't know a damn thing about news gathering or management, but we know how to climb the ladder. And we mean it.

FactO'erFiction said...

*INcomplete*INcompetent*INtrouble ... andwemeanit!

pam said...

If our local paper took the time to have a slogan, I am confident it would be misspelled.

bill forward said...

My cronies and I continue to milk a paycheck off this pathetic excuse for a newspaper, and we thank you, readers and Newhouses!

Anonymous said...

"If you don't buy our badly mis-managed and ugly new product, we're going to fall to the ground like the Hindenburg. And we mean it."