Thursday, May 21, 2009

Togz4Dogz: A post journalism career for a good friend

Rosemary, a good friend and a longtime news competitor and sometime freelance/part-time colleague at the Flint Journal has turned in her computer mouse at a local weekly here in Lapeer and is going to put more time into her Togz4Dogz business in North Branch.

Rosemary has covered many of the same stories that I did while my beat was in Lapeer and I guess the best praise I can give her is that there were many times I compared her writing to mine and wish I had written what she had.

Not one to pull punches, Rosemary would call you on something bad and praise you on something good and for that I will also be appreciative.

But now, she is going to put more time into a really cool business she has been working at for some time and I told her I would give her a shameless plug here. She has designed specialty coats for police dogs (complete with patches) and some frilly numbers for poodles and everything in between. She also plans to spend a lot more time with her grandchildren and no longer miss opportunities to see them when the kids' activities conflict with an assignment.

If you have a four-legged friend at home that barks, then you should check out her website (link above) and see if there isn't something you and your pooch can't live without.


stu said...

I plan to help your shameless plug and link to this in the near future for my pet blog "Unleashed" on Mlive(good luck finding it, it's not listed under blogs ... updating again and not posting any new blogs). This is a cool story and I'm happy your friend is doing something she's obviously passionate about.

stu said...

Great story. Glad your friend found something she's passionate about. I plan to link to this out of my blog on Mlive, Unleashed. Keep up the good work.

Jim of L-Town said...

Thanks stu, I know that Rosemary will appreciate that. Good luck with your blog.


R'mary said...

Sorry this is so late. Retirement has been so busy so far with travel.
Thanks to your *shameless plug* Togz 4 Dogz was noticed by one of your posters (Mr. Unleashed) and also invited to a big expo next year as a vendor.
Looks like I can stop checking the couch cushions for change and take out a real business loan.
As for your *shameless* compliment, I may have turned a better phrase once in a while Jim, but I had more time to write ( days, not hours)and you were always the better reporter. Still are.