Wednesday, May 20, 2009 uses power point to make its point has put up a power point that it will present to explain to folks what it is going to do.

Most interesting is the information that the company will have 30-35 'news' employees. Hopefully they will flesh out some of these details in the question and answer period.

Again I am surprised at the lack of graphics or dramatic presentation in the power point. Honestly, I detest power points. Haven't seen this one presented, but in general power points usually end up being the speaker's speech notes put up for everyone to see.

In my humble opinion, power points work best when they are not the talking points (or speech notes) read by the speaker. My favorite power points are the ones where the speaker uses the "point" to show me pictures of what they are talking about.

For the power point I might have suggested instead of a listing of "Topics" that a mock up of a printed page would have been more interesting and could have been presented in machine gun style so people could 'see' what the speaker is talking about.

As a reporter I had to live through countless power points where the speaker put up a 'point' and then read each one like I was too stupid to read it myself. Hopefully, this is not the case here.


Backwards Cap said...

Maybe Tony ran out of stone tablets and thought PowerPoint would be real cutting-edge.


Anonymous said...

That's news too about when they will actually launch the site. They have been very vague about that until now.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, for their mock-ups they could have used the Thursday and Sunday Ann Arbor News since they're taking every section it does now, adding one back that was cut 3 months ago, and moving the home section from saturday to thursday. Brilliant.