Monday, February 2, 2009

Monterey beckons

As a native Californian it is hard for me to be close to certain places here and not feel the draw to at least stop by and take a nostalgic look.

Monterey is one of those places. My sons William and Timothy live just 40 minutes from Monterey and every time I come here I find a strong pull to just head there and hang out, even for just an hour or two.

It is a beautiful city anchored to its past as a fishing port. But nearby there is the 17-mile Drive into Carmel, the beautiful Pebble Beach Golf Club and some of the most natural beauty anywhere to be found.

So today and Tuesday, my youngest son, Timothy, and I will be heading there for two days of fun in the sun. A stop on Cannery Row and no doubt, a long visit to the world famous Monterey Aquarium.

Tim, 37, a lifelong surfer will take his board and brave the waves and Great White Sharks that prowl the area. I'll take some pictures and put them up when I return home.

I have written a couple posts to be put up while I am out of touch. Talk to y'all in a couple days. (See I do know how to hyperlink).


You are not free yet from editors said...

There was no doubt you you could hyperlink if you wanted to ;)

Dare I ask for a blockquote? Bold or italic type?

inky said...

Nice job with the hyperlinks, Jim. Now that other poster will have to use a different red herring in sparring with you, re: the competence of Journal management.

Anonymous said...

I was stationed in Monterey, Calif. for about 2 years while in the service. My middle son was born there. I agree with your assessment. Absolutely gorgeous spot. The U.S. doesn't get much prettier than northern California.

Jim of L-Town said...

Sure you can ask....