Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Better than ever

Monterey was in all its glory yesterday. As anyone who has ever lived here can tell you as beautiful as the area is, it is subject to fog and cool weather. Not yesterday, it was gorgeous. Temperatures in the high 70s, no fog, etc.

Tim, my youngest, and I went on a three-hour tour (no deserted islands) watching for whales. We ended up seeing five grey (or is it gray?) whales, tons of sea lions and seals and a plethora of birds. One disturbing thing was the way the passengers kept pointing at me and yelling "Thar she blows." Guess I better stay on my diet.
Mostly we just had a great time being together. Last night we went and saw "Taken." Plenty of violence, but almost cartoonish in nature.

Today we're off to the aquarium.
The photos above are from a couple days ago in Aptos and Capitola. I don't have my download cord so the whale photos will have to wait.

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Anonymous said...

Monterey is very nice, I could do without the great white sharks. They eat the harber seals you know. Try not to wear a wet suit, you may learn first hand. Love the blog!