Monday, January 12, 2009

All's Quiet on the FJ front

It used to bug me when people would say, "no news is good news."

Well, when you are a newspaper reporter, not so much. But things are unusually quiet on the Booth front and frankly I haven't had time to shake the tree much.

What I do know is that one or two more people have been called aside and encouraged to lighten Booth's wallet by taking the buyout. The final date (or at least the latest final date) for those considering the buyout to sign on the dotted line is Friday.

Because of some pressing family health issues in Buffalo, my wife and I will be heading there for the weekend and so blogging will be sporadic between now and then.

So sorry about the dearth of news. Feel free to visit the links to the right as those folks are pretty regular about putting up news about the news business.

And, of course, if you have some information feel free to e-mail me at: jlsmediaservices (at) gmail (dot) com. Only use the symbols. Duuuuh!

If you are interested I added the obituary I wrote for my brother to the entry below where I announced his death. And again, thanks to all of you who have contacted me on - and off - line to express your concern and sympathy. It is very much appreciated and at some point I will try to respond to them all.

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