Friday, January 9, 2009

Good dog, needs a good home - update Home Found!

January 11 - Home Found!

In the current economy many folks are just leaving behind or turning loose animals they can no longer afford or care for. That is pretty sad, but to prove how ecletic this blog is I am posting this short article and picture to hopefully help a friend and a dog who showed up on her property the Saturday after Christmas.
Initially my friend turned the dog into the Animal Shelter, but no one came to claim him, so she reclaimed him before it was time for the evil deed to be done.

Here, in my friend Tracie's own words, is the information on the dog:

"He’s a husky/chow mix. He’s got a husky coat, with the chow coloring and black tongue. He’s good with kids and normal dogs (he’s not wild about my spastic young male husky, and I can’t blame him). My Kodi is constantly in his face being a pain in the butt. I’ve been calling him Teddy Bear because of his beautiful reddish coat. He gets along well with my female husky who is calmer. He is neutered and well mannered. He knows sit, stay, shake, lay down. He is housetrained and likes to have a crate to lay in. He’s very comfortable laying on the floor at your feet. He’s obviously a wanderer, so he would need some sort of containment. Either in the house, cable system or fenced yard (I use a wireless fence for my huskies). I had my vet check him out and he is heartworm and parasite negative. She feels he is around 5-6 years old. I also took him to the doggie spa and got him all shined up.

You can put my email: and my phone 810-441-5819."

If we weren't tied up with family and traveling issues, I would think about it, but it simply is not in the cards for now or in the forseeable future, but maybe one of the readers of this blog is looking for a decent dog with all the hard training work already done.


The Sanity Project said...

awww! i want him.. but its quite the commute..

Jim of L-Town said...

Hello! I know, he's very nice, but with all your mother and I have going on right now it's not the right time for us either.

Looking forward to seeing some more entries on your blog.

Anonymous said...

I think I told you that I could see your wife with a little dog! A small Taylor would be cool.Being retired you would have tons of time to train it.