Monday, January 12, 2009

Gloom and doom

If you love newspapers and want them to succeed you may want to skip this story:

Source: Newspaper Death Watch

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Cal Thomas once said on the Phil Donahue show that we've ignored the simple solutions for so long that the simple problems have become complex. I wonder if that's why the newspaper business is having the problems it does.

A relative of mine works for GM and is a U.A.W. member. His complaints about GM mirror what I've read on this blog...people who are incompetent or useless are promoted to management rather than being fired. Why? With union grievances, it's extremely difficult to get rid of an incompetent worker. If you figure you're paying Mr. Incompetent $25 an hour, that comes to $52,000 per year. Multiply that and it becomes a huge financial deadweight.