Thursday, November 10, 2011

Job listings up at MLive Media Group

There are currently 72 job postings for the new MLive Media Group. They are heavily weighted toward sales, but there are some reporting positions and other "content producers."

None say what the starting salaries are, but with the experience and job requirements listed those positions should be worth at least $50,000 a year or more.

If someone applies for those jobs, please let me know what they are offering in salary and benefits so I can let others know.

Also, there are "content production" positions in all the properties except Bay City. The only jobs listed (so far) in Bay City are sales positions. Not sure if that means anything for the Bay City Times, but perhaps they are planning to have the Flint or Saginaw reporters fill that hole as well.

Maybe there are more jobs coming, but right now that's the list.


former newsie said...

Historically, pay for Booth reporters has roughly tracked pay for UAW-represented autoworkers. I wouldn't be surprised if reporter pay for these new jobs is around $14 an hour--the entry-wage at the automakers.

Anonymous said...

Wow, these eight "reporters" jobs all seem to be what we used to call GA or general assignment gigs. Those were in the heady days right after Al Gore invented the Internet.

And one position is in Detroit? Wonder if that is brand new or if it is replacing someone there. Also, where will that person work, Lafayette Coney Island? Hey, as long as the wi-fi is free and the coneys are hot!

Anonymous said...

anyone hear any final numbers on the layoffs? Heard in the west it was nearly 80 in Kalamazoo and more than 150 in Grand Rapids. Didn't hear a Muskegon number.

Anonymous said...

The descriptions I read did not indicate whether the job was part-time or full-time. Pretty scanty info for the applicants. - former copy editor

former newsie said...

It does not appear that Booth has filed a WARN notice required for mass layoffs and plant closings. Wonder how they've avoided that?

Anonymous said...

my letter clearly stated I was being notfied of my pending layoff under the WARN Act.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 21:10
I heard it was close to 500 chain wide.

Happy Hanukkah!!