Sunday, January 3, 2010

USS Independence - A new breed of ship

My sister-in-law Barbara sent me some pictures of the new LCS2, the USS Independence, which will be commissioned in a couple weeks.

As a former U.S. Navy sailor I am very excited for the potential for this ship. It is designed for close to shore service, which I guess could put it on duty to attack pirates, among other duties.

The ship's website has some nice pictures and photos. The news seems to indicate that the cost of the ship has well overrun its original estimate, but even at $540 million, a relatively inexpensive ship.


Susan said...

We are watching the movie Behind Enemy Lines and in this film, Gene Hackman, who plays an Admiral refers to his aircraft carrier a "Boat".That has to make the hair on your neck stand up being a Navy veteran.
Amazing "ship"!

Jim of L-Town said...

Unless he was being funny, that would be very wrong.

Anonymous said...

rule of thumb my ex-navy father-in-law taught me: a boat can be lifted aboard a ship. ;)


Jim of L-Town said...

That is a good rule of thumb. Submarines are an exception and are often referred to as "boats."

The only time you might refer to a Navy ship as a "boat" is if you were being affectionate, as in "Oh, my old boat looks pretty good."

But it would be rare.

Susan said...

The difference between a ship and a boat is which way they heel or skid, when turning. A ship will heel outward during a turn, a boat will turn inward during a turn.
In other terms, a motorcycle will lean inward during a turn, a car, truck, etc. will lean outward.
There...I learned something today!