Friday, December 18, 2009

A warning about THE debt

Hopefully someone will start taking this seriously. Thanks to one of my readers for sending me this link to this story. The government cannot spend us into prosperity, but they can very easily spend us into disaster.

Congress just raised the debt limit again. Clearly, this is not sustainable and the quick fix will likekly lead to long range disaster.

The next time someone tells me that a government run health care "will save us money," I'm going to remind them that we got into $13 trillion in debt because we believed Republicans and Democrats about their estimates for Social Security, Medicare, a series of wars, the cost of prescription drug benefits, and on and on.

From all the past promises of "savings" our country ought to owe nothing by now. Instead we're swimming (maybe drowning) in an unsustainable debt. I've said this so many times it is now boring me, but it is immoral to keep adding to a debt that our children and grandchildren will have to pay.

They are going to really be mad at us someday and I won't blame them.

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