Monday, August 17, 2009

More 'Red' philosophy

My sister-in-law Patty, has continued through a journey through my late father-in-law Red's writings. She has sent me some more gems written in Red's journals.

Some of them are likely related to his failing health in his last year:

"Every day is a good day no matter how bad it is!"

"I'm going to head for the pillow."

"If I faint, don't call the rescue squad, call the firing squad."

"Death solves many problems."

"Had a very restless day (rest-less)."

Then there are those of just a more general wisdom, things he wrote down and kept to himself and his journal:

"If you need someone, you've always got yourself"

"The only woman who truly loves a man is his mother"

"I know everything about nothing"

"Intent often leads to invention"

"I had a pretty good mind but didn't know enough to use it"

"Someone should teach the world what's important"

"You better be true to your teeth or they will be false to you!"

"Popcorn, like snowflakes, no two are a like"

"Appreciate instead of expecting"

"That's the way it goes and its almost, went"

"Taste every crumb of life"

"A tear, if sincere, is as bonding as blood"

"If you live as long as you're going to, you might as well be happy"

"It's later than you blink"

"That's a lot of Noisense" (Red wasn't big on noisy confusion).

"The first step is the wrong direction"

"I was busy doing nothing"

Patty says, more to come.

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