Sunday, August 16, 2009

Buffalo's Mighty Taco gets its props

As written here before, we're big fans of the Buffalo gourmet scene. That's if you can call fish fry, pizza, beef on weck and fast food tacos 'gourmet' food.

But it's no surprise that Mighty Taco has been chosen to receive national recognition for its food.

There is one bone to pick with Mighty Taco and that happened about 9 months ago when we stopped at the West Seneca store to pick up dinner for the folks. My father-in-law was in failing health and we tried to cater to what he wanted to eat.

Red wanted a beef burrito, but he wanted it double wrapped. Bread was a major staple of Red's diet so it was not a surprise that he wanted a little extra pita around his burrito.

My mother-in-law warned me that she had asked for 'double wrap' previously, but was told it was 'not possible.' Now that seemed pretty ridiculous to me. How hard could it be to roll another piece of pita around the meal?

So I skipped the drive-through and went inside so I could explain to the cooks what we wanted.

Confidently approaching the counter my first request was for a beef burrito, but double wrap it. Here is the conversation in detail, as I remember it.

"Can't do that," the cashier said.

"Sure you can," I said. "Just take another piece of pita and wrap it around the meal and charge me a little extra, it'll be easy."

"We don't do that," the cashier said.

"Why not?," I said.

"Because we don't," the cashier said.

At this point it feels like a discussion with a 15-year-old, so I asked to speak to the manager.

Again the explanation of what I want is met with: "We just don't do that."

OK, I don't suffer fools lightly, so remembering a scene from "Five Easy Pieces" with Jack Nicholson, I give the following instruction to the manager.

"What is your cheapest burrito?," I said.

"Bean burrito, 89 cents," the manager said.

"OK, here's what WE'RE going to do. I want you to make my father-in-law's beef burrito, then I want you to make him a bean burrito, but I want you to hold the beans and take the pita that should be wrapped around the beans and instead wrap it around the beef burrito," I told the manager.

There was a long pause, a brief sign of resignation and then: "I guess we can do that," the manager said.

"I knew you could," I said.

Thinking I had pulled off a major coup, I returned to the house with the double wrapped burrito and explained how it had come about.

My mother-in-law, who is close with her wallet, was happy about the burrito, but not so happy about something else.

"Why didn't you get the beans in a cup to bring home?," she said.


Anonymous said...

I read this after reading your comments in the Bflo Snooze. I understand you're dealing w/the elderly and that their selective and have particular dietary needs. But with all due respect, it's Mighty Dog Food not Le Cirque! They're minimum wage kids under corporate orders. They're not being difficult to personally offend you. Contact corporate and tell them to be more flexible. Or spend a little more scootch and get better service.

inky said...

Unless a customer is requiring something completely outlandish, any smart business should want to satisfy customers and any clerk or manager --regardless of wages -- should figure out a way to do it.