Friday, August 14, 2009

Flint police officer Clarence Banks - RIP

Truly sad news today with word that officer Clarence Banks, one of the truly nice police officers on the Flint Police Department died of a heart attack while off duty.

The Flint Journal has story on it today.

Just yesterday I wrote about Sgt. Bob and great source and I promised further stories on other sources in the future. Well, one of those would have been Clarence Banks who was a young officer when I started on the beat back in 1989.

He had an infectuous smile and a quiet manner that endeared him to nearly all who knew him.

Banks was another of those people who I never heard speak ill of any one else and while he was not often in a position to help me with on the record information, he often led me in the right direction. Sometimes we just kept each other company at the yellow tape barricades at a crime scene.

Like Sgt. Bob, another of those who I truly missed after my beat moved me out of Flint.

It is my understanding that Officer Banks was contemplating retirement in the near future.

Rest in peace, my friend.

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