Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Politics as usual here in New York

With our frequent trips to Buffalo we are as in touch with New York politics as we are with Michigan politics.

Early last month there was a sudden shift in the control of the State senate when two Democrats switched allegiances and went over to the Republican side to change the control of the Senate.

For a month now, nothing has gotten done as neither side is now able to get a quorom and because the former Democrat governor stepped down after his "Appalachian Trail" incident with a paid hooker there is no lieutenant governor to break the tie.

Important legislation is on hold and will expire in just a few days, leaving cities across the state without money for projects that would bring badly needed jobs to this state.

The new governor, Paterson (who had to admit a number of his own dalliances after he ascended to the office), has pleaded with his fellow Democrats to find a way to share power and get things done, but they are in no mood to compromise and today tried to hold a vote by using a blocked hallway that forced one Republican to cut through the Senate floor.

When the Republican cut through the chamber on a short cut back to his office, the Democrats declared a quorom, hastily passed a bunch of legislation, but the governor said he was not going to sign the bill because of the shenanigans.

Although they don't want to meet, the Senators are being called into special session everyday by the governor, which they promptly adjourn without doing anything.

Now there is a move by voters and others to cut off the Senators' pay because none of them seem to want to work anyway. It's all very funny and ridiculous at the same time.

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