Sunday, June 28, 2009

A courtroom brawl worth posting.

There was an interesting story on the Flint Journal MLive site about a murder suspect who was attacked in court by the family of the victim during a hearing this week. The family was outraged when the defendant entered court with a big smile on his face for the hearing. All of this was captured on courtroom security video. A 3-minute version with sound (the melee starts about a minute or so into the video) is on the MLive site.

The Flint Journal has the entire version here.

(Notice the woman toward the end of the video that is crawling her way to safety across the courtroom floor. What's that about?)

Here's the Youtube version:

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Anonymous said...

Gladys Christopherson is either very brave or totally crazy to try and jump in there and stop more people from getting involved in the fight.

Look at all the comments for that story. A lot of sad people posting there. Glad they can all read this stuff free online.