Sunday, March 1, 2009

Our new toy

Well, we did it. With Joan's retirement coming in June we went out and put a down payment on a travel trailer. It is a 2008 Laredo. It is about 30-feet long and includes many of the bells and whistles.

First trip is scheduled for April and the destination is Kentucky and Arkansas. Just a short test run to learn the ropes. Longer trips are planned for next year.

At least we are doing our part to stimulate the economy. And, by the way, the banks and credit unions were eager to lend us money.

I've attached a photo of the trailer in the RV center's garage where it is undergoing some conversions before we take possession of it. We are looking forward to having granddaughters, family and friends join us on our new adventures.
We're planning on a new blog to keep track of our travels, so stay tuned.


mcwflint said...

4 questions:
Is next Saturday's cleaning movie Robin Williams' RV?
Have you ever driven one?
Do you know how hilly Kentucky is?
How many beds?

Anonymous said...

You are going to love it. We sure enjoy ours. It's amazing what we can do without when we are on the road.

Anonymous said...

"Get out of the passing lane Gramps!"

Jim of L-Town said...


1. Robin Williams' RV movie would be a great choice. I haven't seen it yet, but I like him very much.

2. Yes, I have driven RV's and pulled horse trailers (in a previous marriage).

3. That horse business also took me to Kentucky several times, so I know the terrain there as well. (We have a large truck type vehicle to pull the trailer).

We have a queen size bed in our bedroom and a pull out queen size bed in the living room and there's probably room for a sleeping bag or two on top of that.

Anonymous 13:16: Thanks we have been looking forward to this for a long time. I have an entire set of Patrick O'Brien "Master and Commander" books to keep me busy for a year or two (in addition to sightseeing.)

Anonymous 14:28: That wasn't very nice, I plan on driving at 60 mph in the slow lane all the time.

Anonymous said...

Kentucky is nothing. Wait till Jim gets out past Denver, and then on to the Hollywood hills..

Jim of L-Town said...

Jim (and Joan) are very much looking forward to going out West. Next year we are heading to Arizona and the Grand Canyon (I've been there several times, but it will be a first for my wife.)

Anonymous said...

That looks good James, I can't wait to see you when you drive it to Aptos. Can Taylor stay with you on the beach?

Jim of L-Town said...

Let me think about that: Uh, No.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Taylor is a great dog. She is protective, if she likes you. I don't know who I enjoy more in my home. My niece or my Taylor.I pray you pst this.