Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How to get rid of teenagers at the mall

Some of you know of my long feud with my sister over Barry Manilow and his trite music. Well, someone has found a good use for it in New Zealand.

A mall in Christchurch, New Zealand is going to pipe in only Barry Manilow music to drive out the teens that have taken it over. You can read it all here.


Anonymous said...

I get a kick out of your not liking Berry. Is it that you cant sing like him, or something deeper? Don't hate.

Jan Scholl said...

ah Jim. I love music and have about 250 GB of it on one computer alone (I am in the process of transferring a huge vinyl collection to MP3's) and this covers everything from early Jazz to punk rock. I love Barry and have seen him several times in concert-and always come away with a smile. It's better than being pissed off all the time. I don't go to the mall because I don't want anything at the mall, not because of annoying teens (of which I raised a few, who by the way also loved Barry, as do my two teenage grand kids) . Now Miley and Elvis might be ones who would annoy me, but live and let live.

Jim of L-Town said...

I don't hate Barry Manilow. I have been to his concert (my sister made me go at $200 a ticket about 15 years ago.

His music has been so overplayed (think "Copacabana") that I immediately turn the channel when the music comes on.

If people like his music, good for them, my sister LOVES him, which makes it a natural point of contention for both of us.

As a joke someone actually gave me a box of old Barry Manilow albums (vinyl). If you would like them, contact me at the e-mail below.

If a mall I was going to was playing only B.M. music it wouldn't just be the teens leaving, but me. And I have money to spend. Just sayin'

Eric said...

I would never leave a mall because of the music they were playing, I would just complain about it.

Anonymous said...

It could be worse. John Mellencamp, Bruce Springsteen and Bob Seger are even more overplayed than Manilow.

Not that I don't like them (well, actually, I don't), but do we have to hear their songs ALL the time?

Anonymous said...

If they play that "I want some Tarp" song I would run out of that mall. Compared to Manilow, that group sucks. Berry is not half as bad as that Tarp song. Maybe its me? Now Im done.