Saturday, February 28, 2009

Today's Vacuuming and dusting movie: The Far Country

The Far Country, starring James Stewart, Ruth Roman and Walter Brennan is today's movie to listen and watch while I vacuum and dust.

Thought about watching Titanic, but it was too long.

Besides it takes place in and around Skagway, Alaska and we were just there last June.


Anonymous said...

So Nancy Pelosi is "dumber than soap" but you believe anyone is interested in what movie you watch while you clean the house? OK. Next up: Jim's favorite Campbell's Soup and his love of Double Bubble!

Jim of L-Town said...

Well, to be accurate, the "dumber than soap" title came from the YouTube clip. I don't think Nancy Pelosi is dumb, just horribly misinformed about how many people there are in America.

As to whether anyone is interested in what movie I watch, it apparently interested you enough to make a comment.

The beauty of blogs is that I don't charge you anything and you don't have to come.

So far the only comment I have on this item is from someone who is trying to tell me no one is interested in waht movie I watch.

Jim of L-Town said...

By the way, anonymous 15:27, my favorite Campbell's Soup is Tomato, but only if you make it with whole milk.

I only chew sugarless gum, so no Double Bubble.