Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscars, one more thing to grouch about

This will be heresy to some, but there is nothing I would less rather watch than the Oscars. In fact, it has been probably 20 years since I have watched the program.

The first problem is that I rarely go to movies in the theater. So I haven't seen 95 percent of the movies they are talking about. Probably won't see them until they come out on DVD and then only if they eventually make it to the top of my Netflix queue.

Secondly, I find celebrities in general, and movie stars in particular, a major annoyance. I've never been one to collect or want autographs and pretty much don't understand why anyone would. Movie stars are people who put their pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of us.

Too many celebrities spend their days telling me why I should conserve energy, protect animals, help the poor and vote for so-and-so, while they jet off in a private aircraft to their villa in France stamping their size 16 carbon footprint on the planet.

It annoys me that in a time of great national economic suffering, many of these folks will drive up in a big limo wearing all their borrowed bling, stroll down the red carpet to the fawning cheers of adoring fans. So instead of feeling like throwing up, I'll watch NBC's Dateline and a new report on the crash of the Concorde.

Besides, they won't announce the big winners (actor, picture, etc.) until long after I have gone to sleep. Who wins best graphic design is not what I call exciting TV. Besides, all the newspapers will have this crud all over the front page tomorrow.

I can wait until then.


baby sister said...

I'd rather watch Blazing Saddles next Saturday. Now THAT movie deserved an Oscar.

Jim of L-Town said...

I'm with you Sis, but keep it down a little or your sister-in-law may never take a chance on coming back to West Virginia.

Eric said...

I agree with you. A few years ago I met Kid Rock, and that was when I realized, wait, he's nothing special. He's just like me, only he has millions of adoring fans.

Although, I do think it is OK to look up to celebrities for the things that they do accomplish, and as inspiration for your own life. Depending on the celebrity of course — most of them are way more screwed up than the majority of us.

Anonymous said...

The oscars are nothing but a left-wing popularity contest. Did you notice how the good-but-not-great Sean Penn received his second Oscar for a movie that practically nobody's gone to see.

James, at Walmart at Christmas, guess what was in the DVD bargain bin? Yep, Oscar-winning American Beauty.

DrDoom said...

I couldn't agree with you more! What especially gets me is the celebrities who are so quick to think that we actually care about their views on you-name-the-issue.

There is something wrong with the idea of intelligent, college-educated people being lectured to by a celebrity with no education and no knowledge of the topic that they are oh so passionate about. I stopped going to Springsteen concerts when he stopped singing to shoot off his mouth on US foreign policy - a topic that he is less than expert in. Sure, everyone has a right to freedom of speech, just as I have a right to not buy his concert tickets!