Thursday, February 26, 2009

Grounded for life

Channel 2 in Detroit had a story tonight that left my wife and I shaking our heads.

A Monroe father was arrested - yes, arrested - because he grabbed his daughter's cell phone away from her and grounded her because she was drunk. The daughter, upset at being grounded ran next door and called police.

Police officers arrived - and for reasons only known to them - they arrested the father on a charge of "interfering with a communications device." Forget that Dad owned and paid for the "communciations device" he was interfering with.

This story is wrong on so many counts, but my parents (and my father is a regular reader of this blog) would likely have told the police that they were now my parents if I had done such an outrageous thing to them. Call the police on your parents for taking away your cell phone and grounding you. Yeah, right, that would have worked in my house.

Who teaches children that they can call the police if they are disciplined by their parents. And secondly, who trains police officers that they can arrest a parent for performing normal - and needed - discipline on a child?

The girl didn't show up in court to testify and the charges were dismissed, which may be the only smart thing she did in this whole deal.

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