Friday, January 9, 2009

Margaritaville, Margaritaville

While I was away, a loyal FFE reader sent me a note that the Flint Journal published the exact same story and exact same photo of Jimmy Buffet in separate sections of the Journal on the same day over the past weekend.

By the time I arrived home the dead tree versions of the FJ had been recycled so I did not personally see this. But I know of at least one Parrot Head at the Journal so, who knows?

And just to show I'm not anti-Jimmy Buffet (I went to his show back in the old Pine Knob Days with the resident Flint Journal Parrot Head) here is the Buffet performance on "The Today Show" a couple years ago.


inky said...

Hey, be thankful they didn't run a photo of Warren Buffet.

Jim of L-Town said...

That's the first good laugh I've had in a couple weeks. Thanks.

inky said...

Happy to oblige :-)