Saturday, December 27, 2008

Prayers requested for my brother

My younger brother, my only brother, Mike (with me in 2007 photo at right), is in a California hospital in intensive care in critical condition.

He entered the hospital in critical condition a week ago, improved enough to be moved out of ICU a couple days ago, but has been transferred back in after a serious infection he has regressed.

We are praying that the doctors will find what is ailing my brother, a fellow Vietnam veteran who has suffered from ill health from nearly the time he left the service, and that he can be restored to full and complete health.

For now, he has asked that I not come out there as he doesn't want visitors, and his wife, Barbara, is taking good care of him.If you are a praying person, and we believe that prayer works, please put Michael on your list.

Thank you.

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