Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Booth News on Friday

Finally have a nearly complete list of those at the Flint Journal who are leaving, those who are staying and a number still on the fence. It will take me a little time to put it together in a form where (1), names are not used, and (2), a form that will make sense and will give an accurate count of how many are leaving, how many are vying for positions at Grand Rapids and those who are kind of left out in the cold. Right now I have a pile of packages to wrap.

I understand that the editor has been having a second round of meetings with certain people giving them that added little push to take the buy out.

What I have learned is that the paper's two lead columnists were not offered buyouts as well as a couple other key folks. That is a major change from last year's offer. But take Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off and come back Friday for the news.

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