Saturday, December 27, 2008

Booth spin is widespread, apparently

See these two columns from former Ann Arbor News folks now writing online:

From Jim Carty:

From the online Ann Arbor Chronicle:

Make sure you read the comments, especially on the Ann Arbor Chronicle article.

Shame on a news organization that demands accountability and honesty from everyone else, to not model the behavior when the finger points at them.


Anonymous said...

so, same old-same old in A2 too — everyone below a certain pay grade was expected to learn/do/add multiple job descriptions, work oddball shifts, know and be proficient in multiple, shifting, morphing software programs.

But the top dawgs didn't even change their regular meeting times.

And the descriptions of mlive are priceless. Priceless and deadly accurate.


Anonymous said...

Yes, we get it. Booth, just like any other company, is dishonest. Is it shocking? Enough with the righteous indignation.