Monday, March 11, 2013

A good, investigative piece on Advance's New Orleans newspaper strategy

This Columbia Journalism Review article on the head scratching Advance strategy in New Orleans is long, but really good read for anyone interested in the whirlpool that is today's newspaper business.

As the person who sent this to me said, brew up a good pot of coffee, curl up on the sofa and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Well one pot of coffee is gone and now I'm left with the nightmare that reading this will give me, nightmares that I thought ended with my layoff after many, many decades with Michigans Advance newspapers.
What amazes me are the people who were willing to swallow this hook, line and sinker and continue to embrace the "this is better" mantra.

The mandate within is now to encourage and reach out for comments. "Did you like this story?" "What do you think about this?" "Did you see this movie?" It's sad.

If I wasn't so damn afraid of the papers I signed that made me promise not to say disparaging things or risk losing my pension, I would post this to my facebook page and beg my friends to read it and share and acknowledge the horror that the Michigan Advance papers have become.
I hope somebody is braver than me and shares it.

Anonymous said...

I shared it on Facebook. I didn't say anything disparaging, just shared a link I thought was interesting. I didn't need to comment ... anyone who knows me knows where I stand.

I've shared other things, too, and let friends/Facebook users form their own opinions.

I don't think sharing a link on Facebook qualifies as saying disparaging things. I may find out differently, but I plan to continue!