Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More Advance musical chairs

The deck chairs are being moved around again down at Also out west Oregon is using the basic MLive format for its coverage.


Anonymous said...

Good Riddance, TD

Anonymous said...

New TV show based on TD's arrival: Jersey Snore.

Anonymous said...

Only at Advance can people of little accomplishment, who have presided over failing newspapers that continue to deteriorate in quality, get promoted up the chain. I suppose that continuing to promote from within ensures that those who are compliant and go along with the company line will fill these "leadership" roles. An outsider might question too much of what is going on - and they can't have that!

BTW, does anyone know just how enforceable is the nondisparagement clause (a.k.a. the Jim Smith clause) that those who were booted out the door were forced to sign to get severance pay? I'm guess that it was just in there to squash dissent, but maybe someone knows more.

Jim of L-Town said...

First of all the "Jim Smith" clause is a pathetic and desperate attempt by a news organization, of all things, to stifle dissent. After yesterday's decision to overturn a law banning people from claiming military medals they didn't earn as a violation of the First Amendment, I'm sure a good lawyer, which I am not, could have it called null and void.

But it would probably cost you a fortune because above all else Advance will fight and spend money to protect its right to secrecy, while at the same time demanding transparency from everyone else.

I would be ashamed to be the leader of a news organization that included a gag clause in its buyout papers. But then, that's just me.

Anonymous said...

It's not just you! The irony of a news organization squashing dissent isn't lost on most of us who practiced real journalism, not what is passing for it these days. I am sure they figured that people who just lost their jobs probably aren't well-equipped to fight this out in court. What are they afraid of? The truth from those who are/were in a position to know it?