Friday, June 29, 2012

At least one Advance site pays attention to comments

Apparently the MLive "yellow" was not so popular down south either. Difference, they changed.


Anonymous said...

This is why real former journalists have buried this once-proud profession. People are more worried about colors than solid information. Hey, if they printed real hard-hitting journalistic stories in pink, I would be happy. Please, someone, bury this profession led by bloggers, citizen journalists and underpaid novices before it becomes a bigger laughing stock than it is now. Please!

Anonymous said...

This has always made me laugh since day one. So ironic.... I try so hard to imagine it, a conversation about what color to use on the web site and someone says 'yellow' and everybody responds with a$$smacking yes-man answers like: "Sure" "Bright" "Gorgeous" "Illuminating." Somehow, nobody, not a single person suggested that the color yellow on a website devoted to journalism would be just plainly, deeply, ridiculously wrong.