Saturday, January 21, 2012

New FJ offices nearly open

Thanks to an FFE reader (my news viewing is sporadic while I am here in Texas) I received a link to a story about the new Flint Journal offices written by Cathy Shafran, a former Channel 12 reporter who seems to have a full time reporter's byline at the Journal.

If Cathy is working there it is a great hire for the paper as she is a real working journalist who did some great hard hitting reporting while she was with Channel 12.

Recently she has published a blog with breaking city news in it. She will fit in well with the new model.


Anonymous said...

Veteran journalists? The Community Editor is 38 years old. The Community Engagement Specialist is from Saginaw and he's a photographer and self declared "internet guy" (what the heck is that?). That leaves two men, one with 10 years experience and a 54 year old who worked for Bay City and Saginaw for the last 20 some years, to supervise news, sports, entertainment and business. Nothing but happy faces and pithy online commentary to tell you, dear reader, over and over and over, how hard they are working and if you just keep reading you will be happily surprised.

I hate to say it, but I hope everybody stops reading. The paper is crap, there's no news, the atrocious grammar and lack of editing makes me cringe. And guess what people, it's only happening in Michigan. That's right, you people who keep buying the paper and using the coupons (even though you are shrinking every year) make the people in charge think they are doing stuff right.

Stop buying the paper. Stop commenting online (the reason they don't get rid of the rude commentary is because they consider it indication of readership). Once we kill the pathetic creature it has become, maybe we can get some real news back in this town.

Anonymous said...

Unless there is already a post ahead of me in the queue or Jim posts something first, let me be the first here to announce the new FJ newsroom leadership, actually announced on page 1 of the Sunday paper:


A big yawn was my reaction. Some old faces and perhaps a new one, plus at least one who gained prominence, though I don't understand why. I'm talking about Clark Hughes, promoted from absentee landlord community topics editor to some newfangled post as newsroom managing producer. First, Hughes lives in Bangor Township, whcih might as well be Bangor, Maine to FJ readers. Bangor Township, really? We can only hope he moves a lot closer to the FJ's new, up-close-and-personal offices in the Rowe Building. Yes, I understand the electronic age, e-mail, telecommuting, etc., but with such a lofty position, apparently akin to managing editor of old, the man now more than ever must become part of the Flint community, or at least live in Genesee County. Granted, before the promotion, he was community topics editor for several papers, which meant he wrote little or no actual editorials for the FJ and maybe judy as little for most of the other papers. Which begs the question: How did the company justify his position at all, what with MLive readers and bloggers commanding more and more space for opinions and so many hardworking reporters fired? By the way, the FJ's community news director lives in Birch Run. To its credit, the paper isn't hiding the fact, but, sorry, it is still an issue, though don't expect to see it in the FJ's opinion pages anytime soon. What today's article left out was who replaces Clarke, or does the latest iteration of the FJ and MLive finally relegate editorials to the Jurassic Park of journalism?

Anonymous said...

None of the four FJ newsroom leaders live anywhere near Flint. Yes, the paper didn't hide it but likely only because they couldn't afford for that fact to get out some other way. That's embarrassing and, yes, definitely an issue. These folks are "leaders" of this new community experiment with new downtown Flint digs and none of them lives in Flint or even Genesee County? Is the new company trying to run this thing into the ground? Also, Cathy Shafran may have a byline at the paper, for whatever that's worth, based on the pay she can expect and even if the gig is full-time. I see a lot of bylines at the FJ and/or MLive. How many actually are making a living from either?

Anonymous said...

Only way top FJ leaders lived in Flint before was when the company set them up with sweet mortgage deals in exclusive neighborhoods, methinks.
Bet that has changed ...

Anonymous said...

Hello Anonymous 13:14, any idea how the sweet mortgage deals might have worked? I'm thinking low interest rate loans backed by FJ assets as collateral, or maybe the FJ actually paid part of the premiums, eh? Anyway, I'm not sure such a thing happened but, if it did, that might help explain the eventual demise of the organization or at least the changing industry. Then again, we're talking Flint here -- housing costs even in the few remaining nice neighborhoods are rock bottom. How much more inticement does one need? I know of one manager who let's just say rose up the ranks quicker than most others. He supposedly asked for such a break but, again supposedly, was turned down. How rude! Maybe if you go back far enough to the real good ol' days, some lucky folks got such a perk. If you have evidence, without naming names here, I think we all would be interested in hearing more. Regardless, I doubt any of the four new FJ newsroom leaders can expect anything close to a forgivable loan when some reporters there just hope for free donuts at the FJ's mythical new coffee bar before Feb. 2 strikes.