Sunday, January 22, 2012

New FJ editorial leadership lineup

I'm going to ask folks to be direct, but not personal in any comments to the following links. Thanks to a number of folks who sent me links to the new editorial line-up for the Flint Journal and the leadership of the corporate wide copy desk.

A number of folks have already commented on the non-Flint nature of the leadership, which is fair comment.

I will say that I worked with a couple of these folks and Bryn has earned his chops and, like the Shafran pick, bodes well for the new company.

For the sake of Flint and the future of journalism let's hope that this new model, despite my expressed doubts, will work to continue the important work of government oversight and some good paying journalism jobs for young reporters.


inky said...

Good God, I think we've discovered why Mlive is on the verge of being Mdead:

The Flint Journal's leader writes:

“One of the key areas I think we need to do better in is community engagement, making sure we open the doors and break down the walls.”

Here's what I look for in a news operation: Let me know what is going on in my community and be the watchdog I need you to be. Try to do this without linking to somebody else's work.

If I want to be "engaged," I'll join e-harmony. If I want my doors opened and my walls broken down, I'll call Home Depot.

Anonymous said...

Just a reminder that the Feb. 2 witching hour is nigh! Wondering how many disgruntled newly jobless FJ reporters and others will be venting here starting that day.

Anonymous said...



Nice to see MLive on top of the news!!!

Lansing State Journal reports the story more than an hour before the Grand Rapids Press reports that its home building has been sold.|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Anonymous said...

I heard the same consideration was being given to the FJ building in downtown Flint, isn't MSU coming to Flint, too?