Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Official State layoff notices are posted for Grand Rapids, Flint

Thanks to a FFE reader there is the first of what promises to be more WARN postings (this link, which worked yesterday is taking me to the page, but the information that was on there Monday is not on there today - the links to the information in the above posting still seems to be working) on the State website. So far Booth is reporting 82 Flint Journal employees received layoff notices and 55 Grand Rapids Press employees (a poster said those 55 employees are Booth corporate employees not Press employees) received layoff notices.

Previous layoff notices to the state were:

1/11/2010 - Kalamazoo Gazette - 105 employees

3/23/2009 - Flint Journal - 82 employees
3/23/2009 - Ann Arbor News - 85 employees
3/23/2009 - Valley Publishing in Bay City - 63 employees

Obviously, these numbers do not include those who accepted buyout packages which certainly number in the hundreds.


Anonymous said...

They are going to have more contract/employment service/stringers then actual employees.

Never thought I'd see that day.

Former Valley Publishing empolyee

Anonymous said...

I think the 55 Grand Rapids employees are Booth corporate employees, not GR Press employees.

Anonymous said...

Did I missing it... where are the Bay City numbers and WARN notice with a breakdown of positions being cut?