Monday, November 14, 2011

Flint news via blogspot by an 'old' pro

Thanks to an FFE reader I received a link to a blog by former(?) Channel 12 news reporter Cathy Shaffran who always did a professional job in her work for WJRT-TV.

I met Cathy on the street at crime and accident scenes and bumped into her (not literally) over the years on the police beat.

Hopefully she will make more money on her blog than I have on this one ($46 here so far, not even enough for Google to issue a check). She has some interesting breaking news from City Hall today.


Smakutus said...

Check this link Jim:

Cooley's Dictum said...

The two Eason videos are very interesting. And in the second -- the energy scandal allegations -- an old, familiar, politically well-connected name from '09 shows up once again. I've bookmarked Cathy's place because it looks to me like the kind of investigative journalism that The Journal and TV-12 haven't provided for several years. Thanks for steering me to it, Jim.