Monday, March 22, 2010

The Shot!

This shot sent the Michigan State Spartans to the Sweet Sixteen at the buzzer. Sweeeeeet!
Found the photo on Facebook without attribution, so if there is a credit to go with it, let me know.


DashRipRock said...

That looks like the photo that ran in The Detroit News taken by staff photog Dale Young......

No blog about the health care passage??

Jim of L-Town said...

I thought about writing about the health care deal and then my 401K soared today because I'm heavy in medical insurance and medical equipment stocks.

Looks like the government made the private insurance investors very happy. I thought this was all about knocking them down to size.

What more is there to say about it, it will cost more than they predict, it will be filled with abuse and not everyone will be covered.

End of story. There are so many backroom deals in that bill that I don't know how they had space in the back room for all the dealing.

Democrats and Republicans are equally culpable. The win/loss mentatlity in Washington is making a joke out of public service.

I detest both parties and feel sorry for the partisans who believe the crap they put out. I wouldn't believe them if they told me the time and I had my own watch.

So, I guess I don't see any point in blogging about it. It just makes Inky mad anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jim,

On a completely different subject … I remember reading awhile back about your tax troubles with your business and that you'd be giving it up because it wouldn't be worth your trouble (Sorry, to hear that, BTW). But since you likely will be giving up your PR biz, how about doing a little bit of reporting about the Lapeer area on this blog? You were always (and still are) a heckva reporter. Wouldn't it be fun to be the local gadfly? Somebody needs to hold those local elected officials accountable.

Jim of L-Town said...

Actually, I have an offer to do historical articles for a magazine on a freelance basis. I love history and travel, so it's more likely that I would do that.

I've had my belly full of politicians and government meetings so it would not fit into my retirement plans to be around to do a lot of that.

Nice compliment, but the fire for that kind of reporting has gone out.