Thursday, March 25, 2010

For my Dad: Low fly bys

A friend sent me a link to a You Tube video of low airplance fly bys. It opens with a great scene from Top Gun, but then transitions into great real life fly bys. I'm posting this mostly for my Dad who loves airplanes. (Note, and thanks to Mark, there is some salty language in the opening "Top Gun" segment). I didn't review the video with sound when I first put it up. My apologies.


Cooley's Dictum said...

"Sorry, Sir. They were movin' too fast for me to catch their buzz numbers."

Mark said...

#6 was my personal favorite, though #3 was pretty awesome, too.

Would have enjoyed a wee bit of a heads up on the language the controller in the Top Gun clip used. Not a big deal, though.

I enjoy your blog, Jim.