Friday, March 12, 2010

Kudos to the Flint Journal staff

One thing the Flint Journal has always done well is the coverage of breaking news. On those occasions when all heck broke loose, the staff - big or small -has always found a way to work together to provide first day coverage as well as anyone.

So congratulations to the reporters who were honored recently by Scripps Howard for an online breaking news award. The information about the Owosso shooting of an anti-abortion activist is in the announcement.

I know one of those deeply involved in that coverage has left the paper for a more stable career, but she should also be proud of her efforts in that trophy.

If I were publisher of the Flint Journal - or the editor - I would make sure the folks involved in that story received a very nice bonus to pay them for all the overtime they worked and didn't get paid during that story.

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