Saturday, March 6, 2010

Great Lakes Bay: A quiet start

With all the buzz in the various newsrooms about "Great Lakes Bay" I have been watching for some news or other announcement. So far I haven't seen it, but I could have missed it because I don't go there everyday.

I did use the search function and found a "Great Lakes Bay" site with stories going back to last month. There is also a Facebook page, but you'll have to be a member of Facebook to look on. And then there was this 2009 link. But so far no "Great Lakes Bay" tab on although if you click on the "Great Lakes Bay" logo at the top it takes you right back to

So far the news is very light, fluffy and entertainment-centered.


former newsie said...

I see this "Everything Great Lakes Bay" site is sponsored by Dow Corning. Isn't the former Saginaw publisher/editor doing PR work for Dow Corning?

Anonymous said...

If he is, I'm sure he's frequenting the bars a lot. He was pulled over by the police, too. Never heard one iota about that on Mlive.

Anonymous said...

If someone is pulled over but not arrested, does it warrant a story?

Jim of L-Town said...

Depends on who the person was and whether he got a break because of who he/she was.

I've done a few stories on traffic stops of prominent officials (judges, prosecutors,etc.) who I found out were stopped, but were, for some reason, let go without charges.

The reason for the stories were basically to question whether someone used undo influence or got a break based on their position.

But generally, the answer would be no.