Friday, February 26, 2010

Wait a minute! I thought Canada had the better health care system

A rich Canadian premier (Newfoundland) turned aside his own country's primo health care system, you know the one we're supposed to emulate to go to Florida to have a heart procedure that apparently isn't offered or that he would have had to wait too long to have.


inky said...

OK, now post an article about a Canadian kid with leukemia who must depend on the proceeds of a spaghetti dinner for his bone marrow transplant.

Jim of L-Town said...

Inky, I agree that reform must come. I just think it's instructive that proponents of a single payer system hold up Canada as the gold standard.

Well, if a premier can't get the service he wants and comes here to get service, it's more like a bronze standard.

FactO'erFiction said...

Jim, unrelated to any of your posts, but word on the street is that a representative of The Flint Journal/Community Newspapers appeared at a Clio Chamber of Commerce board meeting this week with an announcement that this Sunday's editon of the Clio Messenger will be THE LAST one printed, period. Henceforth, the "paper" reportedly will be available on-line only. No knowledge as to whether others in the Community Newspapers group would be similarly dumped in their dead-tree form, but, if true for one, that would seem likely. Have you seen one lately? Scary bad example of "community" journalism at best. Oh, and here's the kicker, I'm told that this announcement was somehow presented to this particular group of local business owners as "good news." Supposedly, this was already reported on MLive, but I have not been able to find it?

Anonymous said...

A Cuban-American friend of mine tells me that in Miami, visiting Canadians will go to the hospital to get heart procedures done, which will then be billed to the canadian government. they figure complaining of chest pains and going to the hospital here is far easier than waiting months and months for the same procedure here.

I think America has the best health care in the world, but, as Inky noted, it's far from perfect.